Why Doesn’t The House Edge Prduce Betting Software Games ?

Almost all the new players also have the same question when coming into the online casino world. Why don’t the house edges produce betting software? Is it fair? Not only new players but also experienced players may still have difficulty with this question. This article will provide the right answer to this question, offering a new perspective on house edges and game providers you may not have read anywhere.

The house edges’ mission

The house edge is the agent that directly communicates with the betting player, these companies more famous because they need a reputation for their business. The game providers are less known but they are the company that directly creates betting games. Why? Every reputable house edge have great websites systems, multi-platform mobile applications, multi-language systems, support players to deposit and bet conveniently and as quickly as possible.

This is the house edge’s mission in the entire online casino system to find customers and support them to place a bet as convenient as possible.

How about the game providers?

Maybe you have not yet heard about the name as Playtech, Microgaming or Play’N Go, etc. although you used their product many times. They specialize in producing online betting games, from slots, card games, shooting fish games and online casino games with Live Dealers. They generally have little reputation with the gamblers but among the house edge and providers they are big guys. These big providers create game products and optimize them in order to their customers are most appealing and easy to use.

Why doesn’t the house edge produce betting software?

If you have known about house edge and game providers before, you still do not understand why they cannot be combined and located in a unified company. Then here are the Online Casino Singapore for your reference.

  1. Absolute transparency

If the house edge makes the game itself, it’s okay if the bet wins but if you lose, do you think the house edge cheat? It is almost certain that you will have this type of thinking and other players can also question the transparency. What is certain that they do not interfere within the game software to produce the results they want if they are the creator? Betting games, especially those that are deployed over the internet, they are very sensitive. Everything needs to be completely clear and completely transparent. Therefore, companies will not create games but hire other companies to ensure the transparency needed for their systems.

  1. Saving your amount

If the house edge makes its betting games, they will have to hire a programmer to create a Baccarat game, for example, and another house edge also has to hire another programmer to create a completely similar Baccarat game. And all other house edge have to do the same. However, if a company makes Baccarat and offers it to all the house edge’s websites, the cost will be reduced many times. When hiring a programmer doesn’t mean only paying salaries for these employees, but also their insurance, taxes, and other income. Therefore, the house edge will have to spend a lot of money if using its betting software.

  1. Professionalize the billion-dollar entertainment industry

Professionalism at each stage is being implemented in all industries, not just between house edges, game providers and players.

A true dealer will focus all their efforts on customer-seeking marketing, provide game-sources to satisfy players on their system, and provide a large customer service team that is available 24/7 and most importantly process your financial transactions as quickly as possible.

Providers only focus on researching user tastes, new trends like new games that update and bring it into their systems and distribute it to the dealers.
Only in this way can the online betting industry be able to thrive today.


Understanding how the online casino system works gives you a clear knowing of the games you are playing. Besides, it also helps you increase trust with the house edge if you are new and still doubt the reputable betting addresses proposed by us.

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