Digital Cinema Package (DCP): Ensuring Security and Quality

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Digital Cinema Initiatives The best way to begin discussing Digital Cinema Package (DCP) is by first introducing Digital Cinema Initiatives that have set the standard for DCPs. The Digital Cinema Initiatives comprises major movie studios that have set the standard for the way digital cinema systems operate. These standards provide manufacturers with guidance for hardware and software design, essentially eliminating issues in regard to incompatibility.

The main goal of DCI is to provide written standardized specifications for systems and equipment used in digital cinema. A Central concept is interoperability, ensuring compatibility between different brands of equipment, and content from movie studios, operating in digital cinema.

SMPTEThe most recent DCP standard is called SMPTE, which enables a host of new standardizations and technologies in the format. SMPTE requires upgraded equipment in cinemas, and a big project is ongoing where the standard is introduced on a country by country basis, to ensure all Cinemas can play the content.

Digital Cinema Packages Digital Cinema Package can be described as the delivery of an encrypted usually digital file format that enables high quality content to be transported and played on digital projectors and playback servers in Cinemas. DCPs are so well encrypted that they are known to never have been hacked. This is due to two layers of encryption; the first layer of encryption means that you are not able to play a film without a KDM also known as a Key Delivery Message. This is sent separately to the DCP and is part of the DCI standard. A KDM is issued to work with the exact serial number and certificate of the playback server in the cinema, if the exact server is not used it won’t work.
The second encryption element is to do with the video signal from the server to the projector that is also encrypted. It can be decrypted in real time by a separate connection with a ceramic chip placed in the digital projector. This chip is tamper proof – it cannot be opened without being destroyed, hence ensuring another layer of security.

DCP has now become the standard format on which to deliver films for movie theaters, as the majority of cinemas now use digital projectors that need DCPs to function. This is due to a range of reasons including some that are listed below.

Benefits of DCPsThe many benefits of DCP include flexibility and convenience, DCPs can essentially be used all over the world and are easier to distribute than traditional 35mm film reels. The quality of a DCP is also much higher, there is a significant difference between watching something on tv than in digital cinema.

There is also no risk of deterioration from regular usage unlike with traditional 35mm film reels and the quality is essentially the same regardless of the number of times it is used. Due to this the quality of each show remains the same.
DCPs were created with cinema in mind and therefore provide the ability to cater for localization with subtitles and dubbing functions. Different files can be created with different audio and subtitles providing greater flexibility. The last benefit worth mentioning is the integrity check with DCPs, before even playing a DCP you will be informed of whether anything is missing or corrupt, saving you time, and further ensuring a successful show.
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