Choosing a Set of Poker Chips

A set of poker chips contains chips of various colors. Each color chip represents a different cash value. In games using unmarked chips, players must determine a value for each chip color prior to the start of the game. Chips are available in a variety of colors and materials, such as clay, plastic, and ceramic.

Poker chips are available in different sizes and weights. The standard size is a die-cut chip with a thin metal rim; these are about 1/8″ in diameter. Each chip is surrounded by a raised border that allows for easy placement. The edges and face of the chips have a poker chip design that rajapoker88 runs the entire length of the chip. The inlay, or center, of the chip is colored with a thin coat of plastic to protect the chip. Chip edges and designs are made in such a way that they never come off the chip; if handled carefully, they will last for years.

There are many different colors and styles available, such as tri-color chips, horses, and humans. Many sets even have special features like the ones shown below.

Clay Poker Chips- Expensive chips made of wood that have the appearance of clay.

Plastic Poker Chips-Designed similarly to clay poker chips, these chips are also available in different colors and styles.

etched Poker Chip Sets- these are chips with the edge spots sealed with paint.

leafClay Poker Chips- chips with acloth design that allows edges to show through.

diamond Clay Poker Chips- the chips feature a thin metal rim and finish that is ideal for years of use in the poker community.

HornBronco Poker Chips- DevilFish style clay poker chips with beautiful markings on both sides.

JumboClay Poker Chips- the leaves on these chips are very detailed and even have color inlays.

Clay Poker Chips with Logo – Almost all poker chips have a logo on them. It might be a generic logo, or a cool looking logo.

There are many other logo styles that you can choose from. Be creative in finding the best for you. This is a useful rule of thumb.

When choosing a set, keep in mind that a set of poker chips is never complete without a deck of cards. The cards provide the majority of any poker game. This is something that you will want to have on hand when setting out a new poker chip set. It is important to choose a deck that will meet your needs for both the feel and the actual playing surface of the chips.

When choosing a deck, you can get by with having each card ass less than 8.5g in weight. This will allow for easy handling and a great shuffling motion. A specially designed chip rack that holds the cards in place and prevents them from getting nicked or bent is also important.

A card rack that is large enough to hold the poker cards in place

A card guard that will protect the cards

Sizes convenient for different card sizes

You can buy poker chip sets with your own brand name or logo. This helps to identify your product and who you are. Pittsburgh representative clay chips have the word Pittsburgh printed on the outer margin. This can make the chips more exposed to the chips of your buddies. You can also buy chip cases that will hold the poker chips, cards and dealer button. Often, cases will be available in the same area at the same time that the chips are purchased.

Many poker players will inscribe the logo on the face of the chips. The edge of the logo will also be very attractive. Machine Manufacturers who make the chips also make the inlay on the inlays. Many of these manufacturers offer chip cases and holders, making the process of collecting chips even easier.

Be aware that you can buy new poker chips cheap; they can also be somewhat pricy. The cheapest chips available are plastic and they can be purchased at any hobby shop, school desk, and even on the internet. Plastic chips in addition to being lighter allows them to be much easier to toss to the middle of the table or to throw than clay chips. They can also be purchased in rolls of 20, which makes it convenient to roll them to your buddy’s house.

Whatever your choice in chips, you can buy them in rolls of 20, and your buddies are sure to enjoy an exciting game of poker with you. Once you bring home a few new sets of poker chips, you will have a new set of friends willing to bring their friends to play.

Cheap poker chips are available at any hobby shop, school, church event, and even on the internet. You can also purchase in bulk or by the case.rolling them out.

Try to find a retailer who will ship to you, or you can order them directly from the manufacturer.

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